One Working Prototype Cuffelink

I got the code updated to work with the RV-8564-C2 break-out board,;a=blob;f=software/micro/arduino/tiny_rag.ino;

So it was time to try some solder paste again, but the components and PCB is so small that I needed to use a swing down magnifying lens that fitted over my glasses and a set of tweezers that had another magnifying glass built in.:-

After that crack open the frying-pan and cook for 6 mins. For scale the 1p piece is 20mm in diameter.

I need to clear up two of the PCB, but the middle one looked usable.

Yep, we have the Green Light to use this PCB! So time to fit it in a previous delivered outer cases.

So see, the cuffelink in action:-

Sorry, not a great video – lacks focus. I will get a real cameras to make a video shortly.Still make me smile though! Next step, finish the second PCB so I have a pair of cufflink/cuffelinks to wear.

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